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Fayetteville Work Injury Lawyers For Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Anytime you are injured on the job, you should be covered by workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies routinely deny valid claims.

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied or rejected, the legal team at Skibiel Law, can help you recover the wage and medical benefits you deserve. Serving injured workers throughout the Atlanta area and the state of Georgia, we have a solid record of success in workers’ comp hearings and appeals.

Fayetteville Work Injury Claim Attorneys

Workers’ comp claims are denied for many reasons. The employer may refute that the injury was work related or serious enough to merit time off the job. The insurer may deny the claim if it was not filed on time or if the person did not initially seek medical treatment. The claim may be dismissed due to a pre-existing condition. Whatever the basis, you have the right to challenge or appeal a denied claim.

The first step is to talk to an attorney. Mark A. Skibiel has practiced Georgia workers’ compensation law for 25 years. He has successfully challenged claim denials for all types of work injuries and workplace accidents.

Here is a typical breakdown of how the legal team at Skibiel Law handles a denied workers’ compensation claim:

  • The insurance company adjuster issues a formal notice of denial.
  • We file a hearing request with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation (SBWC) to set a trial date. The hearing is usually scheduled within 60 days.
  • Meanwhile, our legal team investigates the facts of your injury, gathers medical records, interviews witnesses (co-workers) and takes depositions of factual witnesses and experts, if necessary.
  • At the hearing, we present the documentation and legal arguments to an administrative law judge (ALJ) who only handles workers’ compensation cases.
  • The judge considers all evidence and determines the compensability of the claim (fully, partially or not compensable). The ruling is issued a few months after the hearing.
  • If the decision is unfavorable, the Georgia laws on workers’ compensation allow an appeal of the ALJ decision through the Appellate Division.

Putting Injured Workers In The Best Position To Win Benefits

The workers’ compensation system puts the burden on the injured worker to show why a denied claim should be paid. At Skibiel Law, our lawyers know what evidence and arguments will be most persuasive for the judges. We have a high success rate in workers’ comp hearings. We have also had a lot of success settling workers’ compensation claims through mediation.

If the State Board of Workers’ Compensation upholds the denial of your claim through all administrative hearings and appeals, we can weigh the merits of further appeals through the superior court in your county and the state appellate courts of Georgia.

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