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Injured Workers’ Rights And Obligations Following A Work Accident In Georgia

Workers’ compensation provides injured employees with medical care and income benefits when they can’t work. It helps injured employees return to work. As a covered worker, you have many important rights under the law that your employer cannot take away.

In addition to providing income and medical benefits, workers’ compensation laws also include obligations and responsibilities that an injured worker must follow. They include reporting your injury in a timely manner and following the prescribed medical treatment. Failure to follow these rules could affect your right to receive income and medical benefits.

We’ll Protect Your Rights And Help You Take The Right Steps

At Skibiel Law, we understand that sustaining a workplace injury can be a life-altering event, not just for the injured worker but for their families as well. Our lawyers are deeply committed to ensuring that your rights are not only acknowledged but vigorously defended.

In our firm, you have allies who are well-versed in both the rights and responsibilities of injured workers. Our strengths lie in our detailed knowledge of workers’ compensation law and our unwavering commitment to our clients.

What Are My Rights As An Injured Worker?

Your rights after a work accident or injury include:

  • A choice of a physician from the employer’s list of doctors
  • Payment of reasonable and necessary medical treatment by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company
  • Payment of medical treatment received on an emergency basis
  • Payment for a second opinion by a doctor of the injured worker’s choice, so long as the appointment occurs within 120 days of the receipt of workers’ compensation income benefits
  • The right to change from one doctor on the employer’s list of doctors to another doctor on the same list
  • Reimbursement for mileage incurred when traveling to and from medical appointments
  • The right to have a light-duty job description reviewed and approved by the treating physician before returning to work
  • The right to payment of weekly income benefits after seven days of disability, if excused from work by the treating physician
  • Payment of a partial weekly income benefit when you’re able to return to work, but can only get a lower-paying job as a result of your injuries
  • Payment of a weekly income benefit if the treating physician determines you have a permanent injury

When you work with us, our attorneys will fight to protect your rights every step of the way.

What Rules Do I Have To Follow If I Am Injured At Work?

Workers’ compensation rules require you to:

  • Report the accident immediately to a supervisor. Failure to do so within 30 days can result in the denial of benefits.
  • Follow the reasonable safety rules and policies of the employer.
  • Accept reasonable medical treatment and attend all medical appointments.
  • Attempt to perform light-duty work if the job is reviewed and approved by the treating physician.
  • Do not make any false statements about your accident or the nature of your injuries.
  • Submit to drug and or alcohol tests following the accident if you’re requested to do so by your employer.
  • Attend second-opinion medical appointments set up by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company.

If your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company is requesting that you do something that is not legally reasonable or necessary, turn to us for help.

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Since 1992, our firm has been a beacon of hope for thousands of workers facing the daunting aftermath of workplace injuries. We are not only your advocates; we are your steadfast partners. Our team will champion your rights with the same fervor as we would for our own family.

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