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Workers’ Compensation And Work-Related Car Accidents

On-the-job injuries are not always the result of accidents occurring at the location where you work. Many workers’ compensation claims involve injuries suffered by employees while off site, specifically while operating their own car or a company vehicle.

Since 1992, Skibiel Law has strived to maximize compensation for Jonesboro and Atlanta residents in work-related car and truck accidents.

Understanding The Risks. Knowing Your Rights.

For many Georgia-based professionals, operating their own car or driving a company vehicle is part of their responsibilities or their entire job. They understand that risk is involved, especially when driving a delivery truck, dump truck and other large vehicles. Most understand the need for extra safety precautions while on the job.

However, pre-emptive measures, along with training, experience and proper licensure can only go so far, especially if the vehicle is defective or another driver is negligent.

The Need To Pursue Third-Party Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident while “on duty” is not unlike any other motor vehicle accident. Immediate medical attention is the first step. From there, proactive legal help from a skilled and knowledgeable attorney is vital following a collision that puts you out of work.

Workers’ compensation claims require employers to provide benefits, even if the employee was at fault. In turn, workers cannot sue employers for negligence. However, many serious and fatal work-related vehicle accidents involve a third party responsible for the accident. In these cases, we explore personal injury and wrongful death claims against motorists, vehicle manufacturers and other parties.

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