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When Simply Doing Your Job Leads To A Serious Lifting Injury

Did You Suffer A Lifting Injury At Work?

While at work you may have felt searing pain or a “pop.” Maybe you felt only a twinge at the time, but could barely move when you woke up the next day. Lifting injuries are among the most common work injuries. Without proper diagnosis, treatment and recuperation, the damage can become permanent. Yet employees often meet resistance when filing a workers’ compensation claim for a lifting injury.

Skibiel Law in Jonesboro represents injured workers throughout the Atlanta area. We can protect your rights if you were injured on the job from heavy lifting or repeated lifting. We will help you get the medical care you need and the wage benefits you deserve under Georgia workers’ compensation.

Riverdale Back Injury Attorney Fighting For Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

Lifting injuries generally fall into two categories:

  • Acute injury while moving or lifting something heavy — this might be a back injury or buckled knee from the strain, or a related injury such as broken toe or ankle sprain when the object fell or the person slipped.
  • Cumulative trauma from repeatedly lifting, bending and twisting — rather than any specific incident, the repetitive stress takes its toll over time on bones, joints or nerve tissues.

Back and neck injuries are the most frequent lifting injuries — vertebra fracture, slipped disk, cervical sprain, lumbar strain, pulled muscle or sciatica pain. A knee injury (torn cartilage, torn ligament) can develop from the long-term strain of carrying and bending. Shoulder injury claims (rotator cuff, dislocated shoulder) commonly arise from repetitive motions or lifting objects above one’s head.

Medical Care And Compensation For Lifting Injuries

Insurers frequently challenge these claims as not work related, especially if the employee did not report an injury or seek medical treatment for a day or two, or if the employee has a history of similar injuries. You should report any pain or accident in timely fashion and see a doctor, but a delay should not cancel your rights. You are also entitled under the law to workers’ comp if performing your job duties aggravated a pre-existing medical condition or a prior injury.

Our legal team is skilled at overcoming these barriers and proving that the injury was job related. We aggressively represent clients in claims, hearings and appeals to make sure they receive appropriate medical care (including surgery or physical therapy) and full benefits for temporary or permanent disability.

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Trial lawyer Mark A. Skibiel has devoted his practice to representing the injured and the disabled for 25 years. We have represented people in many occupations — such as warehouse workers, nurses, delivery drivers and construction workers — whose jobs involve heavy lifting or frequent lifting.

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