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Seek Justice For Drunk Driving And Wrongful Death Cases

Unlike most motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving accidents have a unique element to them – they should not happen. Driving under the influence (DUI) is illegal in all states. Therefore, if you or a loved one has suffered an injury caused by drunk driving, you are entitled to seek punitive damages to punish and deter the drunk driver as well as for property damage, payment for lost wages, payment for medical bills, and for the pain and suffering you have endured.

At Skibiel Law, we seek to hold drunk drivers responsible for their actions. If you have suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver, or you have lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, we are ready to stand up for your right to seek full and just compensation for your losses.

Handling All Aspects Of Your Case

As your advocate, Mark A. Skibiel will pursue the insurance company to obtain maximum financial recovery for your injuries as well as pursue punitive damages (when applicable) against the negligent driver through negotiation or litigation, if necessary.

We seek to hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions. Oftentimes drunk drivers have caused more than one accident.

At our firm, we thoroughly investigate the entire driving record of the defendant. We also examine criminal records, police reports, medical records and eyewitness accounts, if available, to build an effective case on your behalf.

Compassionate Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney

If you have lost a loved one due to a drunk driving accident, we offer the compassionate, dedicated support you need. We understand that no amount of money can replace your loved one. However, we seek to hold drunk drivers accountable and bring justice to your situation. If you are ready to pursue your claim, contact us for a free, confidential consultation about your options.

Hold Drunk Drivers Accountable – Contact A Skilled DUI Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered injury due to the carelessness of a drunk driver, or you have lost a loved one in a fatal drunk driving accident, contact us by calling at 770-400-0963 or toll-free at 770-968-3554 to discuss your case in a free consultation with our Jonesboro drunk driving accident attorney.

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