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Protecting Your Income Benefits And Medical Care Through A Fair Settlement

As a business, insurance companies often try to minimize the amount they must pay out through workers’ compensation, even to those with legitimate claims. To ensure you receive full and fair compensation, you should consult with an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer.

Since 1992, Skibiel Law has helped injured workers and their families throughout the Atlanta metro area in pursuing workers’ compensation. As a dedicated advocate for those who have suffered a serious work injury, our attorney seeks to ensure you receive the quality medical care and prompt payment you deserve.

Settling Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

As an aggressive negotiator with 25 years of experience, Mark A. Skibiel knows how to build an effective case to protect your medical and income benefits against reluctant insurance companies. In the course of our investigation, we will seek to:

  • Understand the medical and functional nature of your injury
  • Demonstrate how physical restrictions impact your work and ability to work
  • Consult with medical experts and vocational specialists to aid in our analysis
  • Explore your chances to find work if you cannot return to your previous employment due to your injury

We will then build a comprehensive picture of your current and future needs to bring into negotiation. While we have achieved many successful case results through assertive negotiation, we are always prepared to bring your case to trial, if necessary, to protect your right to receive full and fair coverage.

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