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Dealing With A Light-Duty Work Release 

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The Legal Help You Need When Your Doctor Releases You For Light-Duty Work

Not all workers’ compensation claims involve total disability. Not all employees will recover 100 percent from their injuries before they return to work. Many job-related accidents result in serious injuries, temporarily or permanently preventing employees from performing some or all of their prior responsibilities. However, they still have the ability to function in a different capacity that won’t aggravate the injury.

Temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits exist for injured workers released to return to work with certain restrictions. While getting you back to work, light-duty releases often result in the employee being paid less. TPD serves as supplemental income to make up some of the difference between previous and current earnings.

Light duty is at the employer’s discretion. A doctor putting you on light duty does not guarantee that your employer can provide a job that meets those restrictions. In these cases, you are not required to return to the workplace and can continue to draw full benefits.

Understanding the rights you have under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws is important. Protecting these rights is vital, particularly those involving prompt benefits payments and quality medical care.

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