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When Health Care Workers Are Injured, We Protect Them

While health care workers spend their time taking care of those with illnesses and injuries, the workers themselves are prone to experiencing on-the-job injuries. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, nursing assistant, home health care worker, orderly or paramedic, if you have sustained an occupational injury or illness, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to you.

When you need workers’ compensation benefits after being injured as an employee at a health care facility or another setting, take action with the help of an experienced attorney at the office of Skibiel Law. Since 1992, our Jonesboro, Georgia-based legal team has been providing clients with tailored advice and guidance regarding their rights to workers’ compensation.

Founding attorney Mark A. Skibiel works tirelessly to see that you get the benefits you deserve in order to move forward with your life as normally as possible. In addition to working in the Jonesboro area, we also handle cases at our satellite office in Atlanta, and represent clients in McDonough and all of the surrounding communities.

Standing Up For Your Rights After Health Care Worker Injuries

We can help if you have been injured in any type of situation such as:

  • Lifting and moving patients: Many health care workers are tasked with moving and transporting patients. Unfortunately, this can put the workers at risk for sustaining muscle strains, back injuries and other injuries due to lifting patients.
  • Slip and falls: Whether a floor was recently cleaned, there was medical debris on a floor, or a floor was covered in bodily fluids, it is easy for a medical professional to slip and fall or trip and fall at work, and become injured.
  • Patient violence: Unfortunately, some patients get out of control and become violent with the staff. Head injuries, broken bones, black eyes, lacerations and abrasions can result from an assault by a patient at work.
  • Chemical and disease exposure: Health care workers are asked to place themselves in harm’s way when dealing with contagious patients and dangerous chemicals that are used to treat patients. Such workers can become seriously ill if unintentionally exposed to toxic chemicals or dangerous bacteria and viruses.
  • Needle sticks: Even the most careful nurse or medical professional can be inadvertently stuck with a needle. This can cause a wide range of health issues, from serious, lifetime diseases to treatable infections.

Consult With A Lawyer Who Is On Your Side

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