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Solutions For Denied SSDI Claims

Applying for Social Security Disability demands extensive documentation — onset dates, names of doctors, medical records, work history and so on. Yet for all that paperwork, it seems like the Social Security Administration has already made up its mind. About 70 percent of all claims are denied.

Too many people make the mistake of handling their own disability claim, or giving up after their claim is denied. With the help of an attorney who concentrates on Social Security Disability law, your odds of winning benefits actually improve if you take advantage of your appeals.

Skibiel Law in Jonesboro represents claimants in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding counties in Georgia in SSD appeals. We are confident that we can put you in position to convince the Social Security Administration to grant benefits.

Peachtree City ALJ Hearing Attorney

If you were struck out in the initial application process, and had your claim denied again at the administrative reconsideration level, you have 60 days to request a hearing. It typically takes 12 months or more to get an actual hearing date, and there is much we can do in the meantime to build a compelling case.

At your hearing, an administrative law judge (ALJ) will review the medical records relating to your physical or mental impairment, ask you questions, and consider the testimony of experts. Many people are daunted by the idea of testifying before a judge, but this step is necessary to winning the benefits you need and deserve.

Our lawyer will thoroughly prepare you and be by your side during the hearing. We will take all these steps to help you win your hearing:

  • Updating your medical records to reflect your disability, your treatment and any new or worse symptoms
  • Concrete examples from your daily life of the pain and limitations of your impairment
  • Rehearsing questions that the judge is likely to ask
  • Presenting legal arguments or legal briefs in support of your testimony
  • Cross-examining the SSA’s medical and vocational experts
  • Raising points of law in case it is necessary to appeal the ruling

An adverse ruling can be appealed to the SSA’s Appeals Council, which has the power to grant you benefits, send the case back to the ALJ or uphold the denial.

Social Security Disability Appeals In Metro Atlanta

We know that a disability hearing may be your best hope, and we will make every effort to secure your benefits. For a free consultation with our Jonesboro denied SSD claim attorney, call us locally at 770-400-0963 or toll-free at 770-968-3554 for a free consultation, or email us.