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Falling accidents are among the most common — and most serious — workplace injuries. With no warning or proper protection, a bad fall can be catastrophic. These employees and their families suffer many hardships, and the person’s body and earning capacity may never fully recover.

The legal team at Skibiel Law is familiar with the injuries and the aftermath of workplace falls, including problems with workers’ compensation claims. Since 1992, Jonesboro attorney Mark A. Skibiel has been a tireless and effective advocate for injured workers in Rockdale, Henry, Butts, Spalding, Coweta, Fayette, Clayton, Fulton, Cobb, Douglas and Gwinnett counties, and throughout Atlanta.

Fayetteville Ladder Fall Injury Attorneys
Workers’ Compensation For Falling Accidents

The fall itself is scary, followed by the painful impact and then the sickening moment when you learn just how bad the injuries are. Will I heal all the way from this? Will I work again? Will I get my life back?

We are committed to helping victims of workplace falling accidents get the full medical benefits and income benefits they deserve. Our lawyers will represent you in the workers’ compensation claims process, settlement negotiations, or hearings and appeals if the insurance company tries to deny payment or necessary treatment.

In 25 years of focused experience in Georgia, attorney Mark A. Skibiel has handled every type of falling injury:

  • Falls from roofs and other heights
  • Ladder accidents
  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Stairway falls
  • Workplace slip and falls

We are attuned to the severe injuries common in falling accidents, including spinal cord injury, brain injury, back and neck injuries, broken bones and internal injuries.

Asserting The Rights Of Workers Injured On The Job

Our clients range from roofers, painters and construction workers to medical personnel and office workers. Whatever the circumstances, we will help you recover income and medical benefits following a falling accident at work. You may also have third-party claims for a workplace accident.

Employers and insurers will look for any reason to deny the claim, such as pre-existing conditions or lack of witnesses. They will pounce on any delay in reporting the accident or seeking treatment as a justification to downplay benefits. We will provide a thorough and aggressive response to any infringement of your rights.

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