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Our Lawyers Are Experienced With Complex Construction Accident Cases

Construction workers often put themselves at risk in order to do their jobs and complete their projects. When a construction worker becomes injured on the job, it can be difficult for him or her to face medical bills and time away from work with no income coming in. This is where workers’ compensation benefits can help.

If you are an injured construction worker and are wondering what to do, get in touch with us at Skibiel Law founded in 1992 by attorney Mark A. Skibiel, our firm has handled thousands of workers’ compensation and workplace accident cases for victims in Jonesboro, Atlanta, McDonough and throughout the surrounding Georgia communities.

Handling All Types Of Construction Site Accidents

  • Falls from heights: A fall from any height can cause serious injuries and death. Our firm represents construction workers who have fallen off of a ladder, fallen off of a scaffolding, fallen during the collapse of a scaffolding, fallen off a roof or fallen from another elevated surface due to any other reason.
  • Slip and falls and trip and falls: Tripping over construction equipment or falling on an uneven and slippery walkway can cause broken bones, head injuries, neck and back injuries, and other serious injuries that require a construction worker to be out of work.
  • Vehicle accidents: If you were involved in an accident while driving a vehicle on a construction site, or were hit by a construction vehicle, you may have a third-party claim in addition to your right to workers’ compensation.
  • Falling objects: When tools, equipment and construction site debris are unsecured, they can fall and put construction workers below at risk of being hit. Falling objects often cause very serious traumatic brain injuries that can affect a construction worker for the rest of his or her life.

Fatal Construction Accidents

In addition to handling construction injury cases, our firm also represents family members who have lost a loved one in a fatal construction accident. These situations may warrant a wrongful death claim in order for you to obtain justice and compensation that allows you to move forward with your life.

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