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Victim of September burn injuries still recovering

Owners of industrial companies in Georgia must train workers in the safe operation of machines and the prevention of accidental activation during repairs and maintenance. Supervisors must monitor workers to ensure compliance with safety regulations. A manufacturer of automotive bearing retainers was recently cited for 20 safety violations that were identified during an investigation that followed an accident in which a worker suffered severe burn injuries last September.

Bridge painter suffers serious workplace injuries in 12-feet fall

Working as part of a construction crew on Georgia highways and bridges is hazardous, and workers rely on their employers to properly evaluate work environments for potential safety hazards. Many workplace injuries can be prevented if all safety regulations are followed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation into an incident in which a worker fell from a bridge that is under construction.

Georgia maintenance technician suffers workplace injuries

In an effort to prevent industrial workplace accidents, company owners in Georgia must comply with prescribed safety regulations. It is inexplicable why employers would expect untrained employees to operate or perform maintenance on machinery with unguarded working parts. Unfortunately, some business owners disregard basic safety regulations, which may lead to severe  or even fatal workplace injuries.

Man suffers workplace injuries when he is ejected from rail car

Georgia has some of the country's largest power plants, employing thousands, of people. Many of these workers are likely exposed to a multitude of risks on a daily basis. Employers are responsible for maintaining high safety standards by complying with governmental regulations. Unfortunately, many safety hazards go unaddressed, and serious workplace injuries are often the result.

Georgia man suffers workplace injuries when struck by pallet

Workers in Georgia have the right to safe workplace surroundings, and employers have the responsibility to provide such surroundings. All known hazards must be addressed to avoid workplace injuries, and company owners must provide personal protection equipment and ensure all workers receive adequate training in how to use the protection in the correct manner. Furthermore, Georgia laws require companies that regularly employ three or more workers to provide all employees with workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Workplace injuries: Company cited after 2 amputations in 2 months

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently completed investigations concerning a company in Georgia that manufactures storage systems. Reportedly, this company's disregard of prescribed safety regulations resulted in two workers suffering workplace injuries that each led to amputations in a matter of two months. OSHA discovered numerous other violations that threaten the safety of workers on a daily basis.

Workplace injuries: Amputation of arm follows exposure to hazards

When workers are exposed to known hazards at their places of employment, the probability of personal injury is exceptionally high. Georgia employers who disregard worker safety will ultimately have to bear the consequences. In addition to losing profits due to workplace injuries, they will have to answer to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

What medical and wage coverage does workers' compensation offer?

Georgia workers who have suffered workplace injuries may be concerned about the level of medical and income coverage they may be entitled to receive. They may find comfort in knowing that all medical expenses, including prescription payments and traveling expenses, are typically paid by their employer’s workers' compensation insurance carrier. Workers’ compensation regulations state that a worker may not be billed by medical providers and that they should not be responsible for any amounts due.

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