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Do I get workers’ compensation if I was in a car accident on the job?

Experiencing a workplace accident can be traumatic and life-changing, but the security of workers’ compensation benefits can alleviate much of the fear and doubt you might feel if you sustain an injury. Car accidents can be particularly catastrophic, but it might not be clear if your benefits cover injuries that occur while on the road.

One of the first steps you should take after experiencing an accident during work hours is to report the incident to your employer, even if you are unsure if your benefits will cover it. You can then take the appropriate follow-up actions by understanding how workers’ compensation pertains to car accidents.

When does workers’ compensation cover a car accident?

The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation explains that your benefits should cover an injury you sustain while on the job. This includes all work-related injuries, even many that might occur while you are on break. When it comes to car accidents, your benefits will likely cover situations such as when you are running an errand for your boss, when you are traveling between worksites or most other situations in which you are receiving payment for your time spent traveling.

When does workers’ compensation not cover a car accident?

Accidents that occur during your daily commute are likely not subject to workers’ compensation. Your employer and insurer can also withhold compensation if you experience an accident while running a personal errand, even if you are on the clock.

Car accidents exist in a vague area of workers’ compensation law, but many cases are likely to be valid for the sake of receiving a payout from your benefits policy. You have the right to pursue legal action if you believe that your employer is wrongfully withholding workers’ compensation after a car accident.