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Georgia increases the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefit

In a bid to change the landscape of workers’ rights, Georgia recently introduced a new piece of legislation – House Bill 480. Signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp, this bill brings significant changes to the Workers’ Compensation Benefits system in Georgia.

HB 480, championed by Rep. Lehman Franklin, seeks to improve the conditions for injured workers by increasing the maximum amount of compensation they can receive. Consider the implications of this bill and what it means for Georgia’s workforce.

Understanding the changes brought by HB 480

One of the most significant changes introduced by HB 480 is the increase in the weekly benefits for total and partial disabilities. For total disabilities, the weekly benefit has risen from $725 to $800. In cases of partial disabilities, the benefit now stands at $533 per week, up from the previous $483.

The bill also addresses dependents’ benefits in cases where a workplace accident results in the worker’s death. The maximum compensation for such cases has seen a significant increase from $290,000 to $320,000.

Implications for workers

This change in the Workers’ Compensation law ensures workers have better financial support when they suffer injuries on the job. Higher weekly benefits provide injured workers with a greater safety net, ensuring they can meet their financial obligations while they recover. It also relieves the financial strain on dependents in the unfortunate event of a worker’s death due to a work-related incident.

Governor Brian Kemp’s take

Governor Brian Kemp recognizes the importance of protecting Georgia’s workers. He believes that the new law will ensure that workers who have suffered injuries will get the support they deserve.

Implications for employers

While HB 480 is undoubtedly beneficial for workers, it also has implications for employers. With increased benefits, employers may see a rise in their workers’ compensation insurance premiums. However, the increase in benefits can also lead to a more motivated and secure workforce, knowing that their welfare is a priority.

The signing of HB 480 marks a significant step in the right direction for the protection of workers’ rights in Georgia. By increasing the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits, the state underscores its commitment to ensuring the well-being and financial security of its workforce.