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What is a workers’ compensation managed care organization?

Managed care organizations coordinate and manage healthcare services for injured workers. They help to create a streamlined and efficient approach to accessing necessary medical care.

Georgia’s workers’ compensation system allows employers to choose to use an MCO over the traditional physician panel. This approach can provide benefits to employers and employees.

Less time-consuming

A managed care organization stands out for its ability to connect injured workers with a network of pre-approved medical professionals. Access to the network ensures that workers receive timely and high-quality healthcare. It also reduces the hassles of cumbersome paperwork or prolonged approval processes. The direct approach significantly expedites the healthcare experience for injured workers.

Holistic approach

An MCO takes a holistic approach to treating injured workers. It involves collaboration between all parties. Workers, healthcare providers, employers and insurance carriers work together in the goal of rehabilitating the worker and getting him or her back on the job as quickly as possible. This collaborative effort also helps in making well-informed decisions regarding medical treatment and rehabilitation. Plus, it enables a more personalized and effective recovery plan.

Financial efficiency

By centralizing the management of medical services, MCOs significantly reduce administrative burdens for employers and insurance providers. This not only expedites the medical treatment process but also makes the system more cost-effective.

An MCO provides a more direct and accessible avenue for injured workers. This stands in contrast to a traditional physician panel that often has delays and a less cohesive approach to healthcare management. Employers using an MCO can offer injured workers necessary care more promptly and efficiently.