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What is popcorn lung?

In addition to workplace injuries, workplace illnesses can also take quite a toll on your health and wellness. An illness acquired at work can result from exposure to toxic chemicals, which can lead to a range of symptoms and ill-effects. According to WebMD, popcorn...

Overview of workers’ compensation

If someone suffers injuries while working on the job, it can be costly. Not only are there medical bills associated with the injury, but there may be days, if not weeks, of lost wages. Fortunately, most employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance, which...

How can a traumatic brain injury affect your career?

Anyone can experience a traumatic brain injury. It can happen in a variety of circumstances and is a common result of a car crash.  TBI can be as mild as a concussion or serious enough to require long-term care. However, thousands of people with some level of TBI join...


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