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What are the top 3 causes of work injuries?

Workplace illnesses and injuries can severely impact an individual’s financial situation. In addition to labor hours lost spent receiving treatment or trying to recover, medical expenses to address the injury can also be difficult to manage.

Though no one is exempt from the potential for a workplace injury, there are three common risks likely to occur during your course of employment.

1. Exposure to harmful environments or substances

The impact of COVID-19 over the past few years has seen the category of harmful exposures grow to be the primary workplace concern. This exposure can include direct contact with these elements or an environment where exposure occurs:

  • Water or air pressure changes
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Contagious and infectious diseases
  • Traumatic stress
  • Electricity
  • Temperature extremes

2. Bodily reaction and overexertion

Activities like turning, pushing, carrying, lifting, holding or throwing can adversely affect the muscles or joints. Stress or strain can occur from repetitive motions whether or not strenuous effort takes place. These are non-impact injuries that still have the potential to sideline an employee for weeks or longer.

3. Slips, trips and falls

These incidents are often accidental, potentially due to workplace hazards. Injuries can happen even without a fall, as strains and sprains could be the result of an employee catching themself as the fall occurs. Employees could also fall to a lower level from scaffolding, a ladder or by falling from a structural collapse. Slips and falls that occur from falling while sitting or from workplace hazards can lead to injuries like broken bones, concussions or lacerations.

Any workplace injury is a serious concern. Follow proper reporting procedures to ensure you receive proper medical care and possible compensation.