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How do you identify a concussion?

Georgia residents expect their workplaces to remain safe. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Even if your workplace takes safety precautions, you may still end up injured on the job. 

Head injuries are particularly common. Among head injuries, concussions are often seen. But how do you know if you have a concussion? 

Severe concussive symptoms 

According to Mayo Clinic, concussions may have several different symptoms. They range in severity. The onset differs, too. Some symptoms appear immediately. Others take days to manifest. The severity of the injury is sometimes hard to determine right away because of that. 

Symptoms are more intense and easier to spot if they are more severe. For example, loss of consciousness may point to a more severe concussion. Other symptoms include nausea or vomiting and headaches. You may experience ringing in the ear. Sometimes, the senses get scrambled. You might not experience smell or taste properly. 

Non-physical concussive symptoms 

There are non-physical symptoms, too. Some experience emotional instability. This can include bouts of uncharacteristic irritation. You might have a quick temper. You could also end up dealing with severe confusion or disorientation. 

Memory problems also happen. You may have amnesia about the event that lead to your injury. You could also have short term memory loss. This often manifests in forgetting questions you just asked or got answers to. 

Concussions are often treatable at home with rest. But in some cases, they are severe enough to need medical intervention. It is important to seek a doctor immediately after a head injury for this reason. They can tell you how much care you need and how serious the injury is.