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What are the most common workplace injuries?

Injuries in the workplace are extremely common to the point that the numbers may be staggering to some. Workers suffer injuries, according to the National Safety Council, every seven seconds. To add insult to injury, it is almost always preventable. Preventable injuries may account for over 100,000,000 lost work days. So, if injuries are so prevalent, what are they? What are the most common workplace injuries? 

The top culprit for workplace injuries is overexertion. This can happen in a number of different industries. Manufacturing, construction, service and transportation industries all have situations where overexertion is possible. Overexertion occurs due to repeated movements and lowering or lifting objects. To avoid this type of injury, workers should avoid bending and should take breaks often. 

The second most common injury involves contact with objects or heavy equipment. This refers to those who suffer injuries after being struck with an object and those who may end up crushed or caught in a collapsing structure. The best way to prevent these types of injuries is to wear protective gear and to be careful of any moving objects in your area. 

The third most common injury is an injury due to a slip and fall. These can happen on the same level or to a lower level. Often, it occurs when a person does not keep a ladder on an even surface. Likewise, a messy area can lead to slips and falls at the office or in the company building. To avoid workplace injuries like slips and falls, it is crucial that you remove all hazards.