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Safety tips for pedestrians and drivers

Whether you’re driving, walking or running, it’s important to stay safe. As a pedestrian, you must be on the lookout for reckless and impatient drivers. As a driver, you must be on the lookout for unfocused and distracted pedestrians.

You never know who’s not going to be paying attention, so walk and drive like nobody is. The following tips will help you stay safe on the sidewalks, crosswalks and roadways.

Pedestrian safety tips

  1. Look before you cross
  • When at a pedestrian crosswalk, make eye contact with the driver to ensure they stop.
  • Make your intentions to cross noticeable.
  • Keep an eye out for turning and passing vehicles in all lanes you will be crossing.
  • Become visible to drivers
  • Make sure you are a safe distance away from buses, parked cars and other hazards while you wait to cross.
  • When crossing the street at night, cross in a well-lit area and wear bright colored clothing or reflective material.
  • Attach a reflective sign or a safety flag If you are biking, in a wheelchair, motorized scooter or operating a stroller.
  • Steer clear of distracted drivers
  • Cross streets only at dedicated marked crosswalks and intersections.
  • Don’t be a distracted pedestrian when crossing. Put the phone in your pocket and take the earbuds out.
  • Obey traffic signals; but even when you can walk, look for oncoming vehicles for may be running the light.
  • Always use the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
  • If you are under the influence, get a cab or ride-share home. Don’t trust yourself to make the right decision at dangerous intersections.

Driver safety tips

  1. Stop for pedestrians at designated crosswalks
  • Designated crosswalks include all intersections, this includes intersections without stop lights.
  • Look both directions before turning.
  • When braking, leave plenty of room between you and the pedestrian.
  • Watch for pedestrians
  • Scour all parts of the road for pedestrians.
  • When backing up, look for hazards especially small children who may be hard to see.
  • Keep a special eye out for disabled pedestrians in wheelchairs or motorized carts.
  • Avoid distracted, impaired and aggressive driving
  • Focus on the road. Put down the electronics, food, makeup and drinks.
  • Even if the pedestrian isn’t paying attention or makes the wrong decision when crossing, stop.
  • Never attempt to pass another vehicle that is stopping for those crossing the intersection.
  • Obey speed limits and perform a full stop, not a rolling stop at all stop signs.
  • Do not ever drink and drive. Be safe and take a cab or ride-share home.

Follow the rules and understand, if you are injured as a pedestrian or a driver and are seeking representation, a personal injury attorney will fight for your rights and the money you deserve.