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Study: inexperienced construction workers at high risk of injuries

As regular readers of our Jonesboro Workers’ Compensation Law Blog know, construction is one of the most dangerous lines of work in the nation. Construction worker injuries can be caused by falls from heights, collapsed scaffolding, electrical shocks, trench collapses, repetitive motions and much more.

We recently read of a study that found that nearly half of the construction workers injured in a two-year period had been on the job less than 12 months.

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) found in its analysis of more than 9,000 workers’ comp claims in Tennessee in 2014 and 2015, 44.5 percent were filed by workers who had less than a year’s experience in the construction industry. The study also showed that 30.1 percent of the claims were from workers who had been on the job less than six months.

The study makes it abundantly clear that inexperienced construction workers are much more likely to be hurt on worksite than more knowledgeable workers. And the results from Tennessee echo those from other states, including Washington, where 47.5 percent of construction injuries were among workers with less than 12 months of experience. Again, those with less than six months on the job made up a huge portion of workers’ comp claims: 37.1 percent.

The results were similar in Ohio, where the two groups accounted for 45.6 percent of workers’ compensation claims and 33.6 percent.

If you are a construction worker who has had a Georgia workers’ comp claim denied, you can fight for your deserved benefits with the help of an experienced Jonesboro attorney.