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Part II: “Dirty Dozen” employers ignore worker safety

Regular readers of our Jonesboro workers’ compensation law blog know that we recently wrote about the Dirty Dozen. No, we weren’t waxing eloquent about the 1960s action movie. We were referring instead to the new Dirty Dozen: a list compiled by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) of 12 employers across the nation who are putting their employees at risk of workplace injuries and illnesses.

National COSH included a Georgia company among their Dirty Dozen, citing a firm about three hours south of Jonesboro in Moultrie. A worker died on a farm from overexposure to direct sunlight and heat, the worker advocacy organization said.

Also on National COSH’s Dirty Dozen list are two of America’s most well-known employers: Amazon and McDonald’s. We previously mentioned Amazon’s dubious worker safety track record, so this time we’ll look at the Golden Arches.

National COSH says dozens of McDonald’s workers have filed complaints about sexual harassment, while many more walked out of their jobs to protest their employer’s failure to improve poor working conditions in its franchise stores.

Also among the Dirty Dozen: Purdue Pharma. The company is cited for its role in the opioid crisis, fueled in part by Purdue and other makers of opioids that were overprescribed to workers who were injured on the job.

National COSH also called out XPO Logistics, a Memphis, Tennessee, company where one worker died and six others suffered miscarriages after laboring in an overheated, overly stressful warehouse.

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