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The most common types of workplace injuries

No one goes to their Jonesboro workplace expecting to get hurt. Unfortunately, people do get hurt on the job, often requiring them to take time off to recuperate from their injuries and to receive Georgia workers’ compensation until they can go back to work.

Although workplace injuries come in all degrees of severity and occur in an infinitely wide variety of circumstances, there are a handful of common types of injuries in which most, but not all, on-the-job injuries fall.

A recent article on the most common types of workplace injuries listed slips and trips at the top of its list. While these incidents happen most often in manufacturing or in manual labor, trips and slips can happen to anyone anywhere.

Other common types of workplace injuries include the following:

  • Crashes and collisions: these incidents often involve construction workers and machinery and tools used in that industry. The federal government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration includes injuries that result from on-the-job motor vehicle crashes as well.
  • Repetitive stress: this type of injury continues to grow more and more common, especially among office workers who do certain types of tasks (often typing) over and over. The repetitive motions cause stress in muscles and joints, which can in turn lead to carpal tunnel, tendonitis and more.
  • Muscle strains: these injuries are most likely to happen to workers who lift and move heavy items. Injuries often involve the back, shoulders and arms; frequently in people who improperly lift a heavy object.

Depending on the severity of the injury, workers can often miss significant time from their jobs and need physical therapy – and sometimes surgical procedures – to repair the damage.

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