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A safe workplace: What’s in it for employers?

Employees invariably hope that their workplace is a safe one free of needless risks and opportunities for needless on-the-job injuries. It is easy to see the benefits to workers of a safe workplace. But what is in it for employers to create a workplace safe for employees? In a word: profits.

A Georgia workplace free of on-the-job injuries has a significantly greater chance of being a profitable workplace.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were nearly three million on-the-job injuries in 2017 that amounted to costs for employers in increased overhead and reduced productivity. Of course, creating and fostering workplace safety does more than boost the bottom line, a recent article written for employers states, it also “demonstrates a strong commitment to the well-being of your most valuable resource— your employees.”

Employers are urged to take a proactive approach to reducing on-the-job accidents and injuries, assessing and reassessing existing safety efforts and how injury prevention and treatments boost morale and profits at the same time.

One large company with about 9,000 employees launched an effort to increase safety across its multiple locations with programs that included improved work training for new hires, early intervention, pre-shift warm-up exercises, an exercise conditioning program and education about self-care.

The results were dramatic:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders dropped 90 percent
  • Reported on-the-job discomfort was down 83 percent
  • The company recorded $2.5 million in cost avoidance

It is safe to say (pun intended) that while employers reap benefits of on-the-job safety, no one’s life is enhanced more than the worker who avoids pain, disability, medical care and more.

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