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Recycling company found to contribute to workplace injuries

Workers employed by some Georgia companies may be exposed to many hazards that are known to be violations of safety regulations. Due to the financial risk of failure to secure alternative employment, workers often continue to work for companies where they are continuously at risk of suffering workplace injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced its intention to issue 26 citations to a Georgia recycling company, of which 14 will be repeat violations, The others are classified as serious violations.

The company collects and processes solid waste, and OSHA determined that the workers are exposed to severe burns, deadly falls, electric shock and crushed hands and fingers, among others. The OSHA report follows an inspection that was carried out in Nov. 2014. Inspectors found no evidence of easily accessible fire extinguishers, increasing the risk of burn injuries.

Other violations included the absence of railings on stairs and protective guards near moving machine parts. These violations can result in deadly falls and workers’ hands and arms being crushed or even amputated. To exacerbate this danger, the company failed to install lockout/tagout systems to prevent accidental activation of machines while workers may be busy with maintenance. Furthermore, workers were operating a damaged forklift.

Georgia workers who have suffered workplace injuries may be facing financial difficulties brought about by high medical costs and lost wages. Fortunately, most Georgia workers are eligible to pursue financial relief by filing claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Medical expenses and a percentage of lost income will typically be covered, and additional benefits are payable when an on-the-job injury results in the worker’s disability.

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