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Lawsuit follows workplace injuries when lift truck falls over

Construction workers in Georgia are likely aware of the dangers they are exposed to on a daily basis. They depend mainly on the company owners or other responsible parties to ensure safe workplace surroundings. Construction sites should be inspected before work commences, and all injury hazards should be addressed. A man who suffered severe workplace injuries in a construction accident in another state on April 30 has filed a lawsuit against two parties who he claims to be responsible for his injuries.

According to the claim, the man was part of a crew of contractors working at a residential construction site. The man was apparently in the lift of a moving lift truck when it tumbled over the edge of an embankment. The worker claims to have suffered a leg fracture severe enough for the bone to pierce through his pants.

The worker accuses the property owner and a general contractor who provided the mechanical equipment of failing to ensure that the work area was suitable for safe operation of the equipment. He claims that the defendants should have leveled the area in preparation for the construction, which required heavy mechanical equipment. The worker is claiming an undisclosed amount for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

The company that employed the worker when the accident occurred was not named as a defendant, as workers in Georgia and other states can claim workers’ compensation from their employers but may not file lawsuits against them. However, the circumstances of accidents that cause workplace injuries are often complex and may need the assistance of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to investigate such accidents. Such professionals will be able to determine the viability of a third-party claim in a civil court.

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