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On-the-job accident kills film crew member in Georgia

Things went terribly wrong recently for a film crew working on a movie in Georgia. One person was killed and several others injured in a horrific on-the-job accident during filming. As investigators sort through the evidence, one family is grieving the unexpected loss of their loved one.

According to reports, the camera assistant was killed when she was struck by a train during the recent filming of a movie in Georgia. In addition to the fatality, seven other members of the crew sustained injuries. An investigation into the incident is underway by several agencies.

Representatives of the International Cinematographers Guild were sent to the site by union officials once news of the incident was received. The union is said to be cooperating with the local police department as well as the government investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Authorities believe the crews had been permitted by railroad operators to film near the tracks, but had not been given permission to be on them.

In Georgia, workers’ compensation laws allow victims to pursue benefits if they are injured as a result of an on-the-job accident. In the case of fatalities, these benefits may also extend to the surviving family members of the deceased. Work related accidents often place heavy financial burdens on the victims and their family. Fully exploring one’s rights to workers’ compensation benefits is important in ensuring proper compensation is received. Benefits awarded to victims and/or surviving family members may provide a much-needed financial recovery after a costly accident.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Guild works with agencies probing camera assistant’s death in Georgia, Richard Verrier, Feb. 24, 2014