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Investigation launched as 2 employees hurt on the job

While the following story did not occur here in Georgia, the circumstances of the story make it relevant to many American workers regardless of their location. Two workers were injured at a distribution center because of a workplace accident recently. One of the victimized employees was injured badly enough that an airlift was required to get the employee to a hospital. The conditions of the two employees are unknown, though the distribution center said that no deaths were involved in the workplace accident.

With no details available at this time, all anyone can do is speculate about what caused the accident. Did the employees fall from an elevated position? If so, did the company have proper and adequate railings in place? What about the equipment at the facility? Did something malfunction, causing the injuries to these two employees? Were dangerous fluids or materials left in unsafe areas?

These are just a few possible (and sadly common) reasons that a workplace accident occurs. What happens after the initial accident is what is important. Yes, the company and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate — but what about the injured employee or employees?

They have families, bills, vacations, savings, and numerous other things that require a consistent paycheck to take care of. Without the ability to work, these people who are living with serious injuries need some sort of financial protection. This is where a workers’ compensation claim can come in. Workers’ comp can help you with bills and allow you and your family to continue living your life, even without the ability to work.

Source: WKYT, “Two men injured in Winchester workplace accident,” Dec. 30, 2013