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Can I Get A Second Opinion About A Work Injury?

If you are not satisfied with a diagnosis or the course of treatment that a medical care provider recommends, it is usually a good idea to seek a second opinion. This is particularly true in the case of work-related injuries.

If a physician fails to identify the seriousness of an injury that you sustained on the job, it could prevent you from recovering as fully and expediently as possible. Moreover, it could impede your ability to get the compensation or benefits that you need. People have the right to get a second opinion about a work injury, and it may be a good course of action.

Your condition may require special expertise to diagnose or treat

A complex injury may require ongoing care, multiple visits with a specialist or surgery. Before undergoing an invasive procedure or prolonged course of treatment, it would be prudent to solicit some input from another provider with extensive experience treating your specific type of injury.

You do not improve after treatment

Workers’ compensation programs authorize patients to seek a second opinion when they feel that the care they are receiving is not generating adequate results. Another provider may be more qualified to administer better quality care.

Ultimately, everyone who has an interest in a work injury could potentially benefit when someone gets a second opinion. Employers benefit from having their employees healthy and back at work. Workers’ compensation programs can help assure that people are getting the care that they need. Most importantly, patients may be better able to cope with their injuries.