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How can a crush injury to the foot affect you?

When working, you face numerous unique risks. Each job comes with a different set of potential hazards, and no job is completely hazard-free. But some have bigger risks than others. For example, if you work with heavy objects, you are at higher risk for a crush injury.

Crush injuries of the feet in particular tend to have a hugely negative impact on victims. How do they affect you in both the short and long term?

Amputations from crush injuries

Podiatry Today discusses some of the physical impacts a crush injury can have on your health and body. A crush injury to the foot in particular often results in massive damage to the affected area. Due to the fragile and delicate nature of bones in the feet, crush injuries often cause massive damage.

For example, many sufferers end up with partial or even full amputations. Crushed bones in the toe may simply end up too pulverized for any hopes of healing and thus end up removed. Also, necrosis tends to set in faster than most people expect. Within hours of a crush injury impact, the affected area may already fall into a state of necrosis.

Extensive damage in the aftermath

The aforementioned state can then cause other issues in the area that create further damage. For example, gangrene can set in within the first day. Sepsis may also occur, which is a blood infection that can prove fatal within 72 hours of the first symptoms showing.

Many victims of these injuries struggle to continue working in the aftermath. Their mobility is hugely impacted in both the short and long term. This is why so many seek compensation for the physical and emotional damages faced.