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When must an employer report an accident to OSHA?

OSHA plays an important role in regulating employers’ activities geared towards providing a safe working environment for employees. When an employer is aware of a serious workplace injury, OSHA may require that the company submit a formal accident report within a certain amount of time. 

Reporting accidents will help OSHA determine if a company followed basic safety guidelines. A company that has several accidents over a short period may be subject to an inspection. Here is what you should know about when an employer must contact OSHA about an accident. 


In the event that an employee suffers a fatal accident, the employer must submit an accident report to OSHA within 8 hours. Typically, OSHA investigates most fatalities onsite. 

Serious injuries

After an employee sustains an injury for which he or she must receive in-patient treatment, an employer must make a report to OSHA within 24 hours. If an employee must undergo an amputation or experiences the loss of an eye, an employer must make a report within this same timeframe. 

Reporting and record-keeping exceptions

A company does not need to notify OSHA of an accident if it has fewer than 10 employees. This is true regardless of what type of work a company does. Likewise, there are some exceptions to OSHA’s record-keeping and reporting requirements for companies that operate in industries with relatively low risk of injury. 

It is essential that employers comply with OSHA’s regulations in order to avoid serious legal problems and promote a safe working environment. Employees who believe that a company is not acting in compliance may submit a confidential report.