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Do you know these common work office injuries?

You may think because you work in a Georgia office rather than a construction site that you have a low chance of suffering a workplace injury. The truth is, offices come with their own unique risks and hazards. 

Fast Company explores common office injuries. Learn whether you may have a workers’ compensation case to bring to your employer’s attention. 

Chronic lower back pain

Sitting at a desk for several hours a day can trigger constant lower back pain, which can negatively affect your work performance. Shifting around in your seat can address your discomfort, but take this a step further and stretch your legs every day. When you take a break at work, try to fit in some lunges. Raising your legs up and down and left to right may also offer relief. 

Upper back and neck stress

You may experience such severe neck pain that you have difficulty looking left and right. Or, you may feel pain buried deeply between your shoulder blades. Both are symptoms of Forward Head Posture, which may result from poor posture. Left unresolved, the condition may lead to muscle spams, headaches, poor lung capacity and TMJ complications. Help yourself to relief by sitting with your back straight, feet flat on the floor and shoulders relaxed. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Do you ever experience weakness, burning, numbness or pins-and-needles in your hand? All are symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition caused by overexerting your wrists. As an office worker, you likely do a lot of typing, which may trigger the injury. If you suspect you have carpal tunnel, have your doctor diagnose you and recommend exercises that treat the condition.