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Does the trucking industry add to drowsy driving?

Drivers in Georgia have to face plenty of dangers on the road. Many of these dangers are even caused by the choices that other drivers make on the road or their driving habits.

For example, anyone can drive drowsy. Just one drowsy driver makes the whole road much more dangerous.

What is drowsy driving?

By definition, drowsy driving involves drivers getting behind the wheel of their vehicle without having had enough sleep beforehand. Anyone can drive while drowsy, and it can happen in varying degrees, from slightly sleepy all the way to falling asleep at the wheel. It is not illegal, nor is it discussed as often as distracted driving or driving under the influence. However, that does not make it any less risky.

In fact, drowsy driving may actually be more risky due to the fact that many people still consider it relatively “acceptable.” This increases the chance of people engaging in this behavior, which in turn causes the roads to become more dangerous.

Does the trucking industry encourage drowsy driving?

The trucking industry may at times encourage drowsy driving behaviors that can lead to crashes, albeit unintentionally. This is because within the industry, drivers who are able to make as many deliveries or cover as many miles as possible in one workday are highly valued. Unfortunately, this causes drivers to feel as though they must sacrifice sleep in order to continue driving, even when they should not be.

This is important because the influence of the trucking industry can end up impacting the safety of everyone involved. Trucks are huge vehicles. Just one getting into a crash can end up involving multiple other cars. Crashes involving trucks also tend to have a higher rate of critical injuries or fatalities due to their size and the fact that they are most often found on highways, where the average speeds are usually higher.