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Massive Clayton County pile-up leaves 11 hospitalized

Most of our regular Jonesboro legal blog readers have heard about the massive pile-up on Interstate 75 a few days ago. According to Clayton County Police, nearly a dozen people had to be hospitalized for treatment for injuries after the crashes in the northbound lanes of I-75 between the Highway 54 and Old Dixie Road exits.

Officials initially said 30 cars were involved in the crashes, but law enforcement spokespersons later updated the total and said the pile-up involved 50 vehicles.

First responders took 11 people to a nearby hospital, though officials said none of the injuries were critical.

WXIA-TV reported that law enforcement officials have said they do not know what caused the pile-up.

According to the World Atlas, some (but not all) of the most massive pile-ups in history have a weather anomaly in common: heavy fog.

For instance, there was a pile-up of 150 vehicles in Ochten, Netherlands, back in the fall of 1991 that was attributed to heavy fog dramatically reduced visibility. One person was killed in the crashes, while 64 were injured.

Six years later, heavy fog contributed to a slightly bigger pile-up in Worcestershire, England, where 160 vehicles were involved. This time three people were killed and another 60 suffered serious injuries.

Rather than fog, heavy snow was the major weather element in a Czech Republic pile-up involving 231 vehicles 11 years ago. The World Atlas does not mention fatalities in these crashes, but does note that six people were critically injured in the late March pile-up.

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