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Fatigue can play an important role in workplace injuries

It happens to us every day, but many of us are accustomed to ignoring the signs – and sometimes paying a painful price for doing so. Though all of us get sleepy every day, not all of us are able to get fully rested or get a good night’s sleep.

According to a recent article in the National Law Review, approximately 13 percent of workplace injuries are related to sleep-related problems. It makes sense, of course. We all know that humans simply do not function at their best when they’re sleepy or fatigued.

The National Safety Council (NSC) says part of the problem is attributable to workplaces that reward or tolerate fatigued employees. Unfortunately, in many situations, fatigue can lead directly to on-the-job injuries to the tired worker or to employees who are hurt on the job because of a crucial error by a fatigued co-worker.

“In our 24/7 world, too many employees are running on empty,” said the NSC senior program manager for fatigue initiatives, who added that “addressing fatigue in workplaces will help eliminate preventable deaths and injuries.”

How to address it? NSC says employers can help educate and train workers about managing fatigue getting sufficient rest. Some readers might wonder why employers would undertake such an effort. Here’s why: rested workers are not only more productive, but they also miss fewer days and cause fewer injuries to themselves and others.

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