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What can you do to stay safer at a construction site?

There are always a lot of safety hazards at a construction site. Some of them could be the risk of falls from scaffolding, the risk of getting hit by transportation vehicles or getting hit by objects flying from aside or above.

In construction zones, there are important steps to take to prevent yourself from falling victim to hazards. Everyone, including your teammates and employer, should follow these steps to make sure everyone stays safe while on the job.

To begin with, if you’re using scaffolding, that scaffolding has to be checked each time it’s used. It is necessary to make sure it’s not weak or going to snap under the pressure of the workers. If you plan to work on scaffolding, make sure you tether yourself and your equipment. That way, if you fall, you won’t hit the ground. If an object falls, it won’t hit people below.

Getting hit by transportation on site is another serious risk. Avoid this by encouraging people to be vocal. Make the trucks or construction equipment easy to see. Make them use lights and sirens, beeping or horns. If people can be more aware of the vehicles around them, they’ll be less likely to get in the way of the vehicle. Additionally, having strict pathways for vehicles makes it easier for people to know where they will be. To help others avoid getting hit by distracted drivers or because of not being seen, encourage workers to shout out when they’re crossing or to wear reflective clothing.

These are some tips for safety at a construction site. Be cautious, so you can avoid injury.