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What Are The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In America?

While there is a potential for on-the-job injury in nearly every workplace, some jobs come with much more risk than others. A new study has ranked the jobs with the highest fatality rates. These are the jobs where workers face serious dangers day in and day out.

Hard Work, Daily Hazards

According to an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the 10 most dangerous jobs in the country are:

  1. Fishermen and fisherwomen
  2. Loggers
  3. Airplane pilots and engineers
  4. Roofers
  5. Garbage collectors
  6. Iron and steel structural workers
  7. Truck drivers and other commercial drivers
  8. Agricultural workers
  9. Landscapers
  10. Electrical power line workers

Researchers stated that the fatality rates for the most dangerous of these jobs were more than 20 times higher than that across all other occupations. The threats faced by workers in these jobs vary dramatically and include on-the-job motor vehicle accidents, equipment accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and more.

To determine this ranking, researchers reviewed the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for 72 different work roles. Researchers also looked at average incomes for the job roles and found that the incomes do not always reflect the day-to-dangers faced by workers.

Individuals who work in these and all other industries should make themselves aware of their options in the event of an on-the job injury, including filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.