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Headlight condition has big impacts on nighttime visibility

Many things can have impacts on how safe things are out on the roads at night. This includes the condition of the headlights of the vehicles people are driving. As recent AAA research underscores, old and clouded headlights can pose major problems when it comes to nighttime driving.

The research found that headlights that are yellowed, clouded or similarly deteriorated produce only about 22 percent of the light output that new headlights do when it comes to the low-beam setting.

The light output of headlights matters greatly, as lower illumination can mean reduced nighttime visibility for drivers. Reduced visibility, in turn, can create accidents risks. Nighttime traffic accidents can cause great harm to motorists and pedestrians.

So, it can be important for drivers to regularly check the condition of their headlights. According to AAA, if, during such checks, a person has difficulty in seeing the headlight bulbs, this is a sign that action needs to be promptly taken when it comes to the headlights.

There are various actions drivers can take in response to deteriorated headlights. This includes:

  • Getting them replaced with original equipment manufacturer parts
  • Getting them replaced with aftermarket parts
  • Having the lights professionally restored
  • Restoring the lights through a DIY approach

According to AAA, replacing headlights with original equipment manufacturer parts tends to provide the greatest light output improvement of these options. AAA claims that, generally, replacement tends to provide better improvement than restoration.

How vigilant do you feel Georgia drivers are at making sure their headlights are in good condition? What do you see as the biggest nighttime safety risks out on the state’s roads?

Nighttime car crashes vary greatly in their causes. Skilled personal injury attorneys can perform investigations into cause for victims of such accidents and advise victims on what the findings of such investigations mean for their injury claim options.