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Preventing Lifting Injuries at Work

Back injuries are some of the most commonplace injuries that occur on-the-job in Georgia. Often, these injuries are the result of accidents that are difficult to avoid. However, there are steps you can take to minimize back injuries — most notably lifting injuries.

Here are some tips for preventing back-related lifting injuries while on the job:

  1. Use machinery as much as possible. By taking advantage of lift tables, yokes, trucks, and conveyors, you can avoid having to use your body to lift at all.
  2. When you do need to lift, do it properly. Bend your knees instead of bending at the waist, and don’t lift with your back; lift with your knees.
  3. Don’t lift too often. Lifting a moderate amount every day is alright, but don’t lift more than you have to.
  4. Split up loads when you can. When possible, make one heavy load into two, lighter loads.
  5. Whenever possible, lift heavy items with the help of co-workers.
  6. When you hurt yourself, stop. Never continue lifting when your back is in pain.

When Accidents Happen: Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Finally, if an accident does happen at work, remember that you are entitled to benefits from your employer’s worker’s compensation coverage.

Even minor accidents can cause terrible back injuries, which could prevent you from returning to work. As an employee at a Georgia company, however, you are covered for lost wages and medical bills if you’re injured on the job. This is true even if you had an existing back injury as long as it was aggravated by your work activities. It’s important to report back and other work-related injuries to your employer as soon as possible.

Contact a reputable lawyer in your area to learn more about workers’ compensation and other legal options.