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Georgia forklift operator dies in tragic workplace accident

One of the major hazards that Georgia workers are exposed to is forklifts. According to the safety regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers must ensure forklift operators are qualified. Any areas on a worksite that pose hazards for the use of forklifts must be identified and avoided or properly addressed in order to prevent a workplace accident.

A forklift operator recently lost his life in an incident in which a forklift was used in a dangerous area. According to the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office, the incident was reported in the late afternoon of a recent Tuesday. Fire fighters proceeded to a lumber company where they found an overturned forklift on top of a worker.

An incident report indicates that the forklift was being operated on the edge of a wall that was 5 feet high. When the forklift operator realized that the heavy machine was going over the edge, he reportedly tried to jump clear of the danger. Sadly, the forklift landed on him, causing his death. As with all on-the-job fatalities, OSHA will investigate this incident to assess the company’s compliance with safety regulations.

The family of this Georgia man who lost his life in this tragic workplace accident will likely have to face several financial challenges in this difficult time. Financial assistance is available through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Dependents of the deceased worker may pursue death benefits claims that typically include compensation for end-of-life expenses. Also, a financial package that is based on the worker’s latest wage level will likely be provided to assist the family in coping with day-to-day living expenses and obligations, such as rent or mortgage payments.

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