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Man suffers workplace injuries when he is ejected from rail car

Georgia has some of the country’s largest power plants, employing thousands, of people. Many of these workers are likely exposed to a multitude of risks on a daily basis. Employers are responsible for maintaining high safety standards by complying with governmental regulations. Unfortunately, many safety hazards go unaddressed, and serious workplace injuries are often the result.

An employee of Georgia Power suffered serious injuries at Plant Bowen, not far from Cartersville. The worker, one of approximately 400 employees at that site, was airlifted to a hospital for treatment of his injuries. Emergency responders reportedly received a call from the facility on a recent Wednesday morning.

Upon arrival at the scene, medical workers found a man who had lost a significant amount of blood. It was reported that the man was working on a coal carrying train. When the bottom of a rail car was opened to dump the coal, the worker was ejected with it. In evaluating the worker’s condition, emergency workers determined that the femurs of both his legs had been fractured.

The severity of the fractures in this worker’s legs is unknown, but may have permanent consequences that could affect his ability to continue working. After suffering workplace injuries, Georgia workers are generally entitled to pursue claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Medical expenses are typically covered and so are lost wages. Furthermore, victims of debilitating injuries that cause temporary or permanent disability may receive additional compensation as well as vocational training to equip them with alternative skills to accommodate their physical limitations.

Source: Cartersville Ga. Patch, “Man Injured in Accident at Plant Bowen“, Kristal Dixon, Sept. 23, 2015