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Georgia man suffers workplace injuries when struck by pallet

Workers in Georgia have the right to safe workplace surroundings, and employers have the responsibility to provide such surroundings. All known hazards must be addressed to avoid workplace injuries, and company owners must provide personal protection equipment and ensure all workers receive adequate training in how to use the protection in the correct manner. Furthermore, Georgia laws require companies that regularly employ three or more workers to provide all employees with workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

One worker who recently suffered workplace injuries will likely want to pursue the benefits offered by workers’ compensation. Emergency services in Bartow County reportedly received an alert about a worker who was involved in an on-the-job accident on a recent Tuesday morning. It was reported that a worker was trapped underneath a 400-pound pallet that had fallen over and landed on top of him.

Upon arrival, the emergency crew found that the injured man had already been extricated from underneath the pallet, and he was reported to be alert and conscious. His injuries did not seem to be life-threatening, although he reported pain in his arm, shoulder and neck. He was taken to a local medical center to be evaluated.

The severity of the injuries suffered by this Georgia worker is not known, but neck injuries can have long-lasting consequences. Compensation for medical expenses may, fortunately, be pursued by filing a benefit claim with the workers’ compensation insurance fund. If the workplace injuries cause the worker to be absent from work while he is recuperating, the benefits will include lost wages. In cases in which workers suffer temporary or permanent disabilities, additional compensation may be granted.

Source: Cartersville Ga. Patch, “400-Pound Pallet Falls, Injures Worker“, Kristal Dixon, July 14, 2015