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Georgia company cited for failure to prevent workplace injuries

Rather than waiting for a severe injury or death of a worker to occur in the Georgia auto parts industry, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is carrying out inspections as part of a regional program. Its aim is to identify safety violations that might cause workplace injuries or fatalities. A recent inspection at Nissin Brake Georgia Inc. resulted in multiple citations for workplace safety violations.

There are certain dangerous conditions that require specific safety measures, including the lockout measures to prevent injuries when a machine is serviced. OSHA found that the employees at Nissin Brake were allowed to bypass or adjust the lockout mechanisms of potentially dangerous equipment. Such action may cause equipment to be activated while a worker is performing maintenance, and this could lead to electrocution or an employee being caught in working machine parts. The company also failed to provide adequate protective guards to protect workers from the dangerous working parts of machines.

Furthermore, OSHA found that Nissin Brake failed to provide the required personal protection equipment to safeguard workers against electrical shocks. There was also a lack of adequate safety training to inform workers of potential hazards related to electricity. Other citations included violations related to safe storage for electrical equipment and the lack of properly trained personnel to respond to emergency situations. The company was accused of knowingly disregarding the safety of workers in circumstances where severe injuries or death could probably occur.

Georgia workers who have suffered workplace injuries — or families that have lost loved ones — due to the lack of workplace safety may claim compensation from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Regardless of who was at fault, benefits may be paid to cover medical expenses or funeral and burial costs. In addition, injured workers will be entitled to a percentage of their last wage to compensate for the loss of income. Surviving families and dependants of deceased workers may receive a financial package for the loss of income of their loved one.

Source: timesfreepress.com, “OSHA cites Nissin Brake for safety violations“, Nov. 22, 2014