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Need help claiming after losing a limb in a workplace accident?

Georgia workers in industries where they are exposed to heavy machinery and equipment face life-threatening conditions on a daily basis. Losing a limb in a workplace accident is not uncommon in certain industries and can leave a victim having to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. In addition, he or she will likely experience financial anxiety — not only about current medical bills, but also about future expenses related to an amputation.

Most Georgia workers are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund, whose object is to provide financial aid to injured workers. However, claims after severe injuries such as amputations may prove to be complex, and many victims choose to retain the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Such a professional would endeavor to obtain maximum compensation to enable amputees to achieve the greatest extent of recovery.

All your needs will be analyzed, including current and future surgeries and pain management, along with funds for prosthetic equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Your legal counsel will have access to resources such as vocational and medical experts who will assist them in building a strategy. On your behalf, they will protect your rights through negotiations and may even litigate it if necessary.

Although no amount of compensation can ever make up for a lost limb and the loss of life enjoyment to which you were accustomed, it may assist in obtaining the best possible quality of life with a disability. A visit to our Georgia workers’ compensation website may provide answers to any questions you may have about a workplace accident. Our compassion and experience may provide the best possible outcome.