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Electrical shock causes severe burn injuries to Georgia worker

Employers in Georgia are responsible for the safety of their employees while they are on duty. The regulations of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration require strict compliance to avoid workplace injuries and fatalities. A worker recently suffered severe burn injuries from an electrical shock while he was working.

The contracting company who employed the injured worker was reportedly in the process of installing LED lighting on the premises of a college in Georgia. When the worker connected the new and existing wiring, he was shocked by a bolt of electricity. It was determined that the electricity to the existing installation was not turned off and resulted in the worker’s severe burn injuries and the need for emergency workers to resuscitate him on the site.

According to safety regulations, the employer is responsible for providing protective equipment to avoid exposure to live wiring. In addition, the employer should ensure that electricity sources are de-energized and tagged before allowing workers to proceed. Exposing workers to live electrical wires can result in severe injuries and even death. OSHA cited the employer for willful violations and proposed high penalties.

If workers in Georgia have suffered injuries due to an electrical shock — or any on-the-job accident — they may claim benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Many workers and their families seek the services of a workers’ compensation attorney to protect their rights and pursue compensation of medical expenses and lost income. In cases where the injury has long-term effects, additional benefits may be allowed. In the case of a workplace fatality, death benefits are typically provided to the surviving family.

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