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23,000 volts cause workplace injuries to 4 construction workers

Construction workers in Georgia are undoubtedly aware of the potential dangers of their chosen profession. Their employers have a duty to ensure safe workplace surroundings and provide ongoing safety training to make sure that workers are aware of the life-threatening workplace injuries that may occur. Four construction workers in a neighboring state recently suffered electrical shocks that may affect the rest of their lives.

The accident reportedly happened in the afternoon on a recent Tuesday when construction workers were replacing a traffic light at an intersection. As they were about to pour the concrete to secure the traffic light pole, the crane’s boom touched some adjacent overhead power cables. Four workers received electrical shocks when the 23,000 volts went through them.

One of the victims was airlifted to a hospital while two others were transported by road to a medical facility. The fourth victim received treatment on site. According to the media report, one of the injured workers was in critical condition at the time he was transported to the hospital. It was reported that the electricity to 2,800 consumers were interrupted for at least an hour.

Most Georgia workers are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund that aims to provide financial aid to injured workers. Not only will they likely be facing medical bills, but absence from work may also cause loss of income. Workers who feel intimidated by the process of claiming benefits may choose to obtain the services of a legal representative to file a claim on their behalf. The medical expenses of victims of workplace injuries are usually covered by the fund, along with a percentage of lost wages.

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