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Workplace injuries after fall from water tower kill Georgia man

Construction company owners in Georgia are expected to ensure the safety of their workers, regardless of where their work site is. In addition to safe working environments, workers should receive ongoing safety training and be informed of all potential hazards. Whenever employees are required to work at heights, they should be harnessed and provided with all necessary safety equipment to avoid workplace injuries.

A tragic accident that took the life of a worker occurred on a recent Wednesday morning. A construction company that is based in Georgia was contracted to renovate a water tower in another state. A 41-year-old worker was part of a construction crew on top of a scaffold — between 70- and 90-feet high — when he plunged to the ground. He was rushed to a medical center, but sadly he succumbed to his injuries.

The reason for the fall is yet unknown, and an investigation by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is reported to be underway. For a company that specializes in working on high structures such as water towers, this accident could be an example of an employer disregarding the safety of the workers; however, this will have to be determined by the OSHA investigating team. A police investigator said that foul play is not suspected.

Georgia families of construction workers who have lost loved ones due to fatal workplace injuries may be facing financial hardship after having to settle the high costs of a funeral and burial. They may find comfort in knowing that the workers’ compensation insurance fund aims to provide financial aid to the families of workers who have died while at work. Families are free to claim benefits from the fund and would likely receive compensation to cover the end-of-life expenses among other benefits.

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