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Workers’ Compensation compliance checks underway in Georgia

Recent winter storms have wreaked havoc on many parts of Georgia. The combination of snow and ice has brought some cities to a complete standstill. As crews work tirelessly across the state to restore power and clean up in the aftermath of these storms, state agencies are busy trying to ensure companies are operating in compliance with the current workers’ compensation laws.

Construction companies as well as tree service providers are among a few of the companies being strictly monitored by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Enforcement Division. Site visits are being conducted by investigator to ensure contractor’s have the proper coverage required by the state. Citizens are also being encouraged to ask for proof of coverage before services are rendered.

Current state laws require any employer that has three or more employees to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits. If a business fails to comply with these laws, they could face up to $5,000 in civil penalties for each violation. In addition to the steep fines, employers could also be subject to criminal prosecution.

In Georgia, workers’ compensation laws allow victims to pursue benefits when they are injured or become ill on the job. Work related injuries often result in a loss of wages as well as costly medical expenses. These unforeseen costs may place a large financial burden on the victims and their families. It is important for employees to fully explore their rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Receiving proper compensation can provide victims with the assistance needed to ensure their physical and financial recovery.

Source: beta.mirror.augusta.com, State board to monitor companies compensation insurance coverage after storm, Bianca Cain Johnson, Feb. 14, 2014