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Man’s life hangs in balance after construction accident

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. These sites have big, powerful machines that can easily deal catastrophic or fatal injuries to unsuspecting people; they have heavy equipment that, if improperly handled, could deal similar injuries; and there are very high places that construction workers have to work in, placing them at risk of an unfortunate fall.

These construction sites need to have tremendous safety procedures and protocols in place, and the contractors or employers need to make sure they offer the appropriate safety courses and training to workers to prevent a construction accident from happening. The site managers also have to ensure that equipment and machinery are properly stored and handled during work hours — and during off hours.

Even with all of these protocols and measures in place though, there will still be construction accidents. A recent one left a construction worker with “life-threatening” injuries after an apparent mishap with a construction vehicle. It seems that the vehicle rolled over the worker, and he was hospitalized as a result.

As with any construction accident, in the wake of this incident an investigation was launched. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will send representatives from a regional office to look into the accident. If it is found that rules or safety regulations were violated, the victims of the accident (or their loved ones) could use the OSHA report to substantiate any civil claims that they may make in a lawsuit.

These accidents usually deal the victims horrific injuries that change their lives forever. Medical bills can rack up; a person’s career can be ruined; and they may live with extreme pain for many months as a result. The compensation from a civil lawsuit may not necessarily fix these issues — but they will hold the negligent parties responsible for what they did, and give the victims a sense of justice.

Source: Bethesda Now, “Construction Accident Leaves Worker With Life Threatening Injuries,” Aaron Kraut, Dec. 18, 2013