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Part I: Causes of serious workplace injuries in leading industries

The release of the annual Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index always makes clear the causes of the most serious on-the-job injuries, as well as their financial costs to employers. Serious workplace injuries are defined as those that cause employees to miss five or more days from their jobs.

Twenty-five years of workplace injury data

According to tradition, gifts for couples that are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary are to be of silver. Though no one is likely to buy the Bureau of Labor Statistics a gift, the federal government’s agency recently released an analysis of the labor data about on-the-job injuries and more that it has been collecting for a quarter of a century.

A safe workplace: What’s in it for employers?

Employees invariably hope that their workplace is a safe one free of needless risks and opportunities for needless on-the-job injuries. It is easy to see the benefits to workers of a safe workplace. But what is in it for employers to create a workplace safe for employees? In a word: profits.

Assaults among most common causes of workplace injuries for women

When work safety professionals discuss the types of injuries and events that result in injuries, they are often focused on the industries in which the injuries are most likely to occur. Sometimes they dive deeper into the numbers and examine the frequency with which certain types of injuries occur to men and women.

The ups and downs of workplace injury prevention with SSDs

You can see them in Jonesboro offices, as well as in offices in Atlanta, the state of Georgia and across the U.S.: SSDs. OK, what’s an SSD? Sit-stand desks. Workers sit for awhile and then stand. Or they stand for awhile and then sit. The idea is that because “sitting is the new smoking,” the desks help employees be less sedentary and more mobile even as they are required by their duties to be at their desks.

What can you expect after you file a workers' compensation claim?

If you're hurt on the job, it's a good idea to get in touch with your workers' compensation attorney. While you can make a claim on your own, it's always a good idea to have someone on your side who knows the laws in your state and how to make sure your claim is handled properly.

Headlight condition has big impacts on nighttime visibility

Many things can have impacts on how safe things are out on the roads at night. This includes the condition of the headlights of the vehicles people are driving. As recent AAA research underscores, old and clouded headlights can pose major problems when it comes to nighttime driving.

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